Videos on the Partition of Punjab


1947 Indian Independence rare color video clip
Migration on India-Pakistan Partition of Punjab
Lost Treasures of the Sikh Kingdom 
BBC Documentary 2014 Full Punjab
Migration 1947 Gurdaspur to Hoshiarpur to Pakistan
The day Punjab burned(not India). Inida is across Jumna.Punjab was partitioned in 1947 not India
Partition of Punjab.In 1947 Punjab was partitioned not India
Partition of Punjab (not India)
Aj Akhan waris Shah Nu
Punjab day Zakham
Dalip Kaur Back in Her Village, 70 Years After Partition (Punjab Partition Story)
Punjab partition story 1947 pind jodhu dhir lahore pakistan
Teja Singh samundri village 140 GB Sardar kot layalpur Pakistan
Rare Video: Refugees Reaching Wagha Lahore c. 1947 (Partition)
Rare Old Photos of Punjab | Punjab before partition.
Stories from the Crossing











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