Punjabi Heroes
History of the Punjab
The Punjab Under Imperialism,1985-1947
A peek into Ranjit Singh’s Punjab By Syeda Sheherbani Kazim
History of Punjab Punjab Region on wikipedia.org
Punjab, Curriculum and Heroes Historical geography of the Punjab
Punjab Prelude History of the Punjab 1500-1858 K.S.Narang
History of Punjab deliberately distorted The Sikhs of the Punjab Revised Edition
Evolution and Impact of ‘Deobandi’ Islam in the Punjab The Punjab: Moving Journeys
Epidemics in Colonial Punjab Sasha Tandon The Punjab: Moving Journeys (Part Two)
Railway development in colonial Punjab The Punjab: Moving Journeys (Part Three)
Demography of the Punjab(1949-1947) The Castes of Punjab.pdf
History of the Punjab on Wikipedia.org  
The Indian Tomb of ancient Athens
How last Hindu ruler of Lahore went away
Challianwala: Punjabs first war of independence Punjabs role in freedom movement
How class played its role in 1857 war
Punjab annexation:Treaty of Lahore



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