Austria hosts World Punjabi Conference


THE sixteenth World Punjabi Conference was held in Vienna, Austria and a large number of intellectuals, writers, scholars, businessmen, students and women were in attendance.

According to a press statement issued on Wednesday, WPC Chairman Fakhar Zaman presided over the conference and a Delhi University’s History scholar who specialises in Sufism was the chief guest.

The conference demanded Pakistan government establish a Punjabi university in Lahore, declare Punjabi as medium of instruction at primary level and provide adjustment to 9,000 unemployed MA Punjabi degree holders.

The conference resolved peaceful relations between Pakistan and India and liberalisation of visa policy.

M Akram Butt, the president of the Austria chapter of the WPC, said that Punjabis in Europe will do their utmost for the rightful place of Punjabi language and culture.

He said that Punjabis all over the world were at the back of Fakhar Zaman because he has done history-making efforts for the mother tongue.

Dr Fatima underlined the role of Sufism in the promotion of Peace in South Asia, especially between India and Pakistan. She said that Islam of Sufis which is the real Islam can play an effective role in combating the menace of extremism.

Fakhar Zaman in his presidential address reiterated his determination to set up a Punjabi university in Lahore.

He said that he was very happy on the holding of 16th World Punjabi Conference by Austrian Chapter and told that the 17th, 18th and 19th International Punjabi Conferences were scheduled to be held in Sweden, Denmark and Finland in the first and second weeks of January.

The 20th conference on ‘Peace and Mysticism’ will be held in Lahore in March, 2008. Fakhar Zaman emphasised the abolition of Visas between India and Pakistan.

Source: The News, January 3, 2008

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